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Meet Lisa


From a need for self-care, Lisa pursued her love for horses. Though not always as relaxing and fun as she might like, the anxiety felt within other elements of her life reflected itself in her horse life, particularly when riding. Existing in a fog-like state, her ability to think clearly and with clarity was often exhausted. Connecting it with stress and grief, Lisa also learned she was coeliac which impacted her ability to concentrate and think straight. Through a seven-year journey of self-care, healing and acceptance, Lisa discovered the connection between horses and humans, and the lessons they can teach us about ourselves.


Embarking on a path to become a Horse Trainer and Equine Assisted Coach, today Lisa shares her insight, knowledge and experience in her signature workshops, working with both horses and humans to nurture their mental health, self-development and mindset.

Lisa is also an accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, Holistic Coach and Counsellor

Using tools including Equine Assisted Learning, the ADESSO Wellbeing tool, NLP, Prosic Change Management Methodologies, [chair] yoga and meditation, Lisa and her team encourage and empower all to find their own life balance.


Our Believe Team

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Lisa Stewart
CEO + Founder

Sandra creates magic in the kitchen as the resident Believe Baker and Cook with scrumptious treats and delicious dishes to warm the heart and feed the soul. Mum of two active teens and with a career in the private sector, Sandra loves being around people and horses.

 Lisa has loved horses her whole life, riding as a teenager, and found these majestic creatures to be a profound tool for discovery and to implement changes at the core of an individual and the greatest of organisations.

Jennifer appreciates any chance she has to stop and "smell the horses". Having completed two Equine Assisted Learning courses with a background in Occupational Therapy, mental health, rehabilitation and aged-care.


Collen first explored Equine Assisted Learning in the Believe Equine Pilot program and found it to be both rewarding and challenging.  She is continually amazed by these beautiful animals and enjoys observing the interaction between them and course participants.


As a Reiki Practitioner with a background in nursing, Tracey shares a mutual love for horses and spending time with the herd as it makes for "...wonderful days of self-development and learning for all concerned."


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Believe Equine Coaching + Training

146 Settlers Road, Royalla, NSW 2620

Tel: 0411 558 604


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