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"The horse is a mirror to your soul.

Sometimes you might not like what you see.

Sometimes you will. 

Buck Brannaman

Out in the paddock, life is no different...


Do you YEARN to release past stories and be seen for who YOU really are?
Are you ready to develop a deeper SENSE of self-awareness?
Would you love to set STRONGER boundaries for yourself?
What do you NEED to be more confident and effective in your communication?

Out in the paddock, you are challenged, humbled and encouraged to become one with the herd relying on your emotional intuition.

If this is you,

then it's time to come hang with the herd in our Brumbie Spirit Workshop...

To think of a brumby, we think open and free. It is not confined to any one place.

It is something we yearn for ourselves, yet in our own lives the 

opposite is what we often experience.

The essence of the Brumbie Spirit evokes personal drive, passion and appetite for freedom. 

In this one-day workshop, call upon your inner Brumbie Spirit to overcome obstacles and ignite your personal drive and development. Be one with the herd and enjoy a little self-care as you explore your personal values and develop a greater awareness of self.

Jessica + Jindi.jpg

Experience and explore an introduction to herd-based philosophies through ground-based activities in a space where you feel safe, held and supported; philosophies that will help you to demonstrate your reactions and responses to everyday situations.


Engage with our beautiful herd directly, though be mindful that these intelligent creatures demand respect. Workshop activities will encourage you to observe while having an awareness of self and strengthen confidence to learn how to keep safe by understanding horse movements, body language and mannerisms. 


Through individual, paired and group activities, you will explore non-verbal communication, trust, teamwork and leadership qualities. A day in the paddock will see you develop life skills for personal development while taking time for your self, away from the hustle and bustle to reset and refresh.

Grazing Board
Cheese Plate

Cooking with love provides food for the soul...

To endure the energy of the herd and your heart, you'll need a little soul food to sustain you throughout the day... And that's why all full-day workshops include a delicious, soulful menu that blends the sweet with the savoury; replenishing your energy and nourishing your heart and mind... 


Moon Child_11.png

Lisa welcomes you to her rural Royalla retreat set on 34 acres of undisturbed rolling countryside and stunning vistas overlooking the surrounding Australiana landscape of Ngunnawal country. Home to her alpacas, horses and the family dog, it is here that you'll be healing your heart and mind.

Listen to the whispers on the wind, the calls of the cocktaoo and follow your intution when you join Lisa and the herd for a truly wonderful day connecting in with self and soul.


Moon Child_11.png


Moon Child_11.png

This experience is for those aged anywhere between 15 and 65 years old, that are on a journey to grow their confidence, build courage and connect their heart and mind. 


Getting dusty and dirty is all part of the day, so if you're afraid to get your hands dirty or crack a nail, then maybe give this a miss. You've got to be willing to give it a go, and succeed by your definition and no one else's; to share and welcome new perspectives; and maybe even be a little vulnerable too. 

Prior experience with horses is not necessary nor required to hang with the herd. 

If you are seeking a trail ride through the countryside, filled with prancing and picnics… sorry, but this is not the experience you are looking for.


Moon Child_11.png

Come hang with Lisa and her team as you embark on an exploration of herd-based philosophies, following your intuition as you learn your way around a horse, and understanding just what it means to be guided by a herd of majestic animals and their mannerisms. 


We want to give you the tools to empower yourself and allow you to embrace courage, find your voice, create a strong mindset and build your confidence. All while being held in a safe and supportive space. 


So if you're ready to connect your

heart and head,


then you're ready to cowgirl up...

Got questions? Contact Lisa here...

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