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Believe in yourself and all that you are.
Know that there is something inside you that is 
greater than any obstacle."

Christian D. Larson


Sweet Words...

from those who
hang with the herd...

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Gooodwin Queanbeyan Day Club is a social club for over 65s and we have made several trips to Lisa at Believe Equine Training in Royalla as part of our program. Our Clubbers enjoy spending a few hours to learn about horse behaviours and getting up close and personal, being able to lead and groom as well. For our clients this has brought back so many wonderful memories of their younger years being involved with horses... To see the smiles on their faces has been such a joy.

Goodwin aged Care

Moon Child_11.png

Cheryl Rath | Day Club Coordinator [Queanbeyan]

I attended the one-day workshop at Believe Equine with an open mind and very real fear of horses. I found the day both insightful and engaging. Lisa expertly guided us through the session, gently pushing me out of my comfort zone. I would highly recommend this experience as both a personal development and a great way to spend the day with family or friends.

"I kissed a horse and I liked it!"


Moon Child_11.png

Antionette Gomez | Executive Director

I spent one whole day finding out about myself and how to trust not only myself but my new mate Chucky. He taught me to tread softly, be watchful of movement (sensory accruity) and to breathe.
I walked away feeling calm and confident in myself and had
a new love for one of creations biggest creatures. Thanks Lisa, highly recommended for anyone wanting to work through any issues within themselves.

Janine Yokom | Executive Director

mACKILLOP Family services

Moon Child_11.png
MacKillop Family Services has been connected to Believe Equine for 2 years since we opened our therapeutic care program in the Royalla area. In this time we have seen young people in care grow with confidence, build trust and have an overall appreciation for animals. Our clients thoroughly enjoy attending equine with Lisa and it has become an exciting part of their schedule. Lisa is amazing at what she does and we cannot thank her enough for her services it is an integral part of the work we do with young people and we find our clients voicing they will miss attending their equine sessions with Lisa when they transition from our program to a more permanent placement. Thank you Lisa for your ongoing commitment !

Tracey Rosenboom | Case Worker | ITC Queanbeyan

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